Ritch is the founder and dedicated leader of Diamond Medical Maintenance Inc. Over the past 20+ years, Ritch has led by example and built a team of talented, loyal employees who he appreciates and treats with honor and respect. Ritch also sincerely cares about his clients and the quality of work they receive and is actively involved with the daily operations of Diamond Medical Maintenance. Ritch keeps the concept of constant improvement and excellence at the forefront of his company, maintaining a responsive, hardworking and formidable core.


Human Resources

Nohemi came to work for DMM in 2006 and proved to be an integral and valuable team member.  She began as a talented cleaner with a keen sense of pace and quality.  She moved into a vital role as a quality control manager and trainer.

Her current role is as our lead in Human Resources where she sets the standard for our cleaners with a hard work ethic and great attitude.

She also assists with sales of the Buckeye line of cleaning chemicals.


Quality Control Manager
Rogue Valley

Balta came to work for DMM in 2011 and proved to be a very valuable asset to the company.  He started out as a floor and carpet technician but has accepted more responsibility over the years. 

His strong work ethic and attention to detail landed him a primary role leading our specialty floor work and is IICRC certified.

Balta is still the key lead of the specialty crew, and he also oversees quality control in our clinics throughout the Rogue Valley.


Quality Control Manager
Klamath Falls Basin

Blanca came to work for DMM in 2006 and quickly proved to be a strong, talented, reliable employee.

In early 2009, she volunteered to lead an expansion in Klamath Falls where she has successfully promoted and sustained the company’s healthy growth in this region.

Her dedication and determination are evident in the way she manages the Klamath Falls branch of the company.