Carpet Care

Diamond Medical Maintenance uses a truck mount steam cleaner (HydraMaster Boxxer 421) which has redefined the carpet cleaning standard at many of our clinics.  The carpets we service are thoroughly cleaned with the newest technology (RX-20HERotary Extraction Tool), the most effective chemicals, and by fully qualified technicians.  After each clinic is completed, we use a special sanitizing system to clean our vacuum hoses, helping avoid cross contamination on the next job.  Our company is an IICRC certified firm with IICRC certified cleaners who are trained through stringent testing on how to accurately care for your carpets.


We Clean Carpets with TACT!

  • Time (Pre- spray dwelling time, proper amount of extraction passes)
  • Agitation: (Pre-agitate with grooming rake / extraction passes)
  • Chemical Action: (Ph balanced chemicals for Pre-spray, detergent or fiber rinse)
  • Temperature: Hot water (Steam) Extraction