Where we serve:

Founded in 1996, Diamond Medical Maintenance provides professional maintenance and janitorial services for Southern Oregon including Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Grants Pass and extended communities in the Rogue Valley.  We also provide full janitorial and specialty services in the Klamath Falls and Roseburg regions.


What we do:

Diamond Medical Maintenance focuses exclusively on cleaning and maintaining medical clinics, surgery centers and medical offices.  We fully comply with or exceed the standards that are uniquely more stringent in the medical field.  We practice safe working habits in accord with OSHA regulations including the blood born pathogen program and we uphold HIPPA regulations regarding the strict need for patient confidentiality.  We are aware of the expected cleaning standards due to the nature of medical practices, providing clean and healthy environments for employees and patients.


How we got started:

Our cleaning aspirations began in July 1996, and it was the following summer when we devoted all of our resources to becoming a fully operational and competent janitorial team.  During that time, a good friend and business associate had purchased a medical courier service, Dash Delivery.  He related that medical office managers and clinical staff were often concerned about the quality of cleaning they were receiving from their current providers.  He thought that our efforts would be favorably received, so we developed a brochure and sent out 150 copies.  Only two clinics responded. Soon after we proved that our work was credible, we were referred to a few other facilities and our tiny business expanded to include seven clinics.  We now service over 40 medical facilities, including the original two clinics we contracted with nearly twenty years ago.

In the early days when we were just starting to grow.

Early Days CrewEarly Days Crew and Equipment

Moving forward:

As a progressive cleaning team, we’re constantly seeking ways to improve and extend our service to meet the needs and satisfaction of our clients.  Our goal is to continue to make a positive impact on the cleaning industry for medical clinics, surgery centers and medical offices in the Southern Oregon region.