“Great Attitude, Quality Work, Lasting Commitment”

Diamond Medical Maintenance is a full-service medical cleaning company located in Medford, Oregon. Our services are available for medical clinics, medical offices, surgical centers, dialysis centers, specialty clinics, labs, hospitals in Oregon. We were born into clinical cleaning in 1996 and have focused our efforts to concentrate exclusively on high quality cleaning for medical facilities.  You might say “it is in our blood”.

Diamond Medical Maintenance is known throughout the area for our excellent customer service. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations every day. We are immediately responsive to the needs of your clinic with a pro-active approach towards quality control, cleaning programs &  specialty work. During our 15 years of janitorial work we have built a reliable, low-turnover crew,  with several veteran crew leads that maintain our high standards and trustworthy care for our clients. We are a long-term reliable solution to your cleaning needs and will transform your clinic to standards that most clinics are not used too, then we will keep them there for years.

Experience matters: Through out the years we have integrated HIPAA Certification and a fully inter-active training system for medical service facilities. We are fully compliant with OSHA standards and up to date with current regulations providing MSDS sheets for all chemicals used within our company.

Dedication matters: We built our reputation on high quality and it is the constant focus of our day to day practice. We happily accept direction and are pro-active in making sure that your clinical cleaning needs are completely satisfied. If you have an emergency need, we have an immediate response throughout Southern Oregon.

Trust matters: We are a highly confidential company that pro-actively protects our clients and clinics. Patient confidentiality, and your ability to trust that decent, honest people are in your facilities is very important to us. With a tight knit and loyal group of employees we have been able to expand hiring great people who are qualified, who care and who are trustworthy.

Quality matters: Employees perform better and are more productive in clean environments. Patients know their care is of the highest importance when they walk into a bright, clean and healthy clinic.